About Us


At Web3 Workroom, we aim to develop cool a** games & apps. We believe in giving our users a way to truly own an item they purchase and enabling our users to earn, transfer, sell, & store what they own.



Virtual Reality (VR) market is picking up the pace and continues to attract new users to this industry in a very fast pace. Therefore we see a huge opportunity in this industry and we strive to innovate & develop to grow and succeed.

IOS / Android Games:

Mobile games have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They have become a great way for people to have fun and pass the time. With the advancement of technology, the graphics, gameplay, and overall quality of games have improved significantly. Today, there are thousands of games for both IOS and Android devices, ranging from racing games to puzzle games. These games are incredibly popular because they are easy to access, and can be enjoyed for free or for a small fee.


AI Apps are becoming more and more popular with students. AI apps can help students learn new things, such as math and language skills, as well as provide them with fun activities and games. These apps can be used to help students build their confidence and become more engaged in their learning. They also provide an entertaining way to practice problem solving and critical thinking.

What we offer:


Onboarding gamers to web3

Stand-alone Quest 2 Decentralized Wallet Build

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